How do I manage jobs effectively?

How do I manage jobs effectively?

Service businesses get paid for their time which is typically either charged for by the hour or based on a fixed fee. Sounds simple enough, but how do you know if you’re charging the right amount for the job? By using a job management system.

A great job management system serves two crucial purposes.

  1. Job tracking. This will show what jobs are currently in the system and what stage they are at. This information will help to ensure all staff have a fair work load, to identify bottlenecks, and give advance notice of any future quiet patches.
  1. Time tracking. It can track the key resource of any service business – time. Nobody loves completing timesheets, but they are an incredibly powerful tool for assessing the profitability of jobs and the productivity of staff.

With cloud-based software solutions staff are able to complete timesheets, update the job status, and manage workflow from home or in transit. A clever job management system gives service businesses the power to charge the right amounts for their jobs and to ensure a smooth workflow for their team. Win win.

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