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What incentives are available for your startup?

For all the pollies talk of innovation-this and innovation-that you'd be forgiven for thinking the road was littered with free cash for entrepreneurial types to start new businesses. It is and it isn't. In this article we'll run through what incentives are actually available for startups.

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How do I choose an accounting and invoicing system for my business?

Not many people start a business because they are excited at the prospect of doing their own accounting and invoicing. In fact, I dare say that has never happened! Regardless of the reasons why you may or may not start your new business you will need to deal with your accounting and invoicing in a timely and complete way if you want your business to succeed. Even if you plan on outsourcing this work you'll still need some familiarity with it so you can access the system to look things up, so it pays to take an interest in what platform you end up on.

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Why your SME client won't say yes to a retainer agreement

You don't have to look far, or think very hard, to see why a retainer arrangement could be great for an agency. It offers steady and predictable income (for a creative business - who'd have thought it?!) and allows you to build a deeper relationship with your client as you're guaranteed to be working with them for the duration of the retainer period. If it's so great, why are your clients, especially the SME ones, not signing on the dotted line?

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What financial skills do you need to manage a creative agency?

It's a rare thing to find someone running a small creative agency with a financial background, in fact this is true of most small businesses. We start a business, typically, because we are good at the "thing" the business does and we feel there is an opportunity to start a business exploiting that skill and not because we want to learn about cash flow.

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How to find the right talent for your startup

Finding staff for a startup can be tricky especially for those used to hiring for established and more traditional businesses. This is especially true in the early days. In this article we'll take a look at why that is and some tactics you can use to find the right people for your team.

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Can I claim a tax deduction for making a contribution into superannuation?

Prior to 1 July 2017 the rules around claiming a personal tax deduction for contributions made into superannuation were really just limited to self-employed folk running a sole trader or freelancing business.

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How can I raise capital for my music business?

One of the things I’ve heard many times through working with musicians and music industry business is an optimism about the business side of their work. How many times has an act walked through my doors with the attitude: “Our music is great, everyone loves it, we’ll be rich and famous.”

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Is my startup burning through cash too quickly?

There has been a lot of chatter over the last few years about how much cash startups are burning through on a monthly basis. And for good reason, as 24% of all startups fail from running out of cash.  Cash can come and go in a flash, even if it seems impossible to burn through all the venture capital you’ve received.  So how can startups manage their burn rate and avoid going bust so early on in their existence?

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Why your staff keep walking out on you

Managers and business owners with high staff turnover are quick to blame a bunch of things - the economy, millennials, the industry, the youth of today, social media, the weather - all before taking stock and realising that the blame may actually lay with them. It's an uncomfortable truth we're all likely to need facing at some stage in our business life and it's best tackled head on rather than living in denial.

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Is equity crowdfunding right for your business?

For company owners looking to raise funds, crowd sourced equity funding (aka equity crowdfunding) can sound attractive.

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