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What is a lifestyle business?

You may have heard the term 'lifestyle business' being bandied about and you've nodded sagely without really knowing what it means, but with knowing that you didn't want to ask and sound foolish. If that sounds familiar, then this post is for you. We're going to take a look at what exactly is meant by 'lifestyle business' and why it's such a desirable thing.

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How to get a competitive edge for your architecture practice (part 3)

In this final article in our series on gaining an edge for your architecture practice we take a look at ongoing marketing and how to effectively employ it in your practice to ensure you have an steady stream of new work coming through the door each year.

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How to get a competitive edge for your architecture practice (part 2)

Winning work is tough for any professional practice, none more so than for architects. For that reason it's important to stack the deck in your favour wherever possible by giving yourself a competitive edge! In this series we look at three things that will help to give your practice that edge, and here is number two - the ability to manage large projects.

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How to get a competitive edge for your architecture practice (part 1)

In this first of three articles on giving your architecture practice a competitive edge we take a look at how to give your practice a strong point of difference. Having a strong point of difference is imporant - architecture’s a crowded industry, with over 13,000 businesses in Australia. How will your practice stand out from among the crowd? With more and more architecture graduates being produced each year, there’s no end of competition in this growing field.

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How do you start and setup your own business?

Starting your own business - sounds so romantic, doesn't it? Well it is and it isn't. In this article we'll take a look at the steps you need to take when starting and setting up your own business.

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What financial skills do you need to manage a creative agency?

It's a rare thing to find someone running a small creative agency with a financial background, in fact this is true of most small businesses. We start a business, typically, because we are good at the "thing" the business does and we feel there is an opportunity to start a business exploiting that skill and not because we want to learn about cash flow.

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How can I raise capital for my music business?

One of the things I’ve heard many times through working with musicians and music industry business is an optimism about the business side of their work. How many times has an act walked through my doors with the attitude: “Our music is great, everyone loves it, we’ll be rich and famous.”

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Is equity crowdfunding right for your business?

For company owners looking to raise funds, crowd sourced equity funding (aka equity crowdfunding) can sound attractive.

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What are buyers of creative agencies looking for?

If there is one topic that sparks interest in owners of creative agencies it's how to get out of said agency. Some will want to talk about management buyouts because they have some gun managers with financial backing, but most of the time the exit plan revolves around finding a suitable buyer, getting cashed out and running for an island. Sounds great, right?

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How to setup business in the US (United States)

Following on from the strong interest we had in our post on how to setup shop in China, we thought we'd tackle another popular destination for clients looking to grow their businesses - the United States.

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