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Insider tips on what it takes for your tech startup to succeed

Let’s say you’ve got a great idea for a business. Or an app. Or software startup. You’re confident that it will be a success. You’re confident in your own abilities. You’re ready to make the leap.

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What financial skills do you need to manage a creative agency?

It's a rare thing to find someone running a small creative agency with a financial background, in fact this is true of most small businesses. We start a business, typically, because we are good at the "thing" the business does and we feel there is an opportunity to start a business exploiting that skill and not because we want to learn about cash flow.

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Best Practice, Schmactice: What creative business owners can do when the text book fails

Plenty of people will give you advice on how to run a business. There’s no shortage of them. Even in the field I specialise in, creative and innovative companies, there are coaches, mentors and strategists galore. There’s all sorts of people willing to offer you the one true way to business success.

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