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What grants are available for hiring new staff?

There are quite a few different schemes out there designed to encourage business owners to hire more people and we're going to take a look at two cash back schemes that are simple to access, yet not widely known.

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What incentives are available for your startup?

For all the pollies talk of innovation-this and innovation-that you'd be forgiven for thinking the road was littered with free cash for entrepreneurial types to start new businesses. It is and it isn't. In this article we'll run through what incentives are actually available for startups.

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How can I raise capital for my music business?

One of the things I’ve heard many times through working with musicians and music industry business is an optimism about the business side of their work. How many times has an act walked through my doors with the attitude: “Our music is great, everyone loves it, we’ll be rich and famous.”

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Is equity crowdfunding right for your business?

For company owners looking to raise funds, crowd sourced equity funding (aka equity crowdfunding) can sound attractive.

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Thinking about getting an investor for your business?

A question that comes up time and again here at Generate is clients asking about taking on investment in their businesses. Looking to grow via investment is an exciting time for any business owner, but excitement is something that can quickly cloud judgement and lead to poor decisions being made. With that in mind, we'd like to run through a quick overview of the main things you should consider when looking at taking on investment in your business.

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What grants can my small business get?

“I’d love to get some government grants to help run my business!” It’s a common cry from small business owners around the country.

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Where can I get funding for my arts project?

Artists of all different stripes – musicians, theatre makers, filmmakers, writers, dancers, photographers, visual arts and the like – have traditionally found raising the funds they need to pursue their passion to be difficult. It’s tricky to know how much you’ll need, not to mention finding sources of funding and then building up the confidence to make an approach.

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What is the point of finance meetings?

You've just received an invitation to a finance meeting. You roll your eyes and you quickly run through a mental list of excuses that you could employ. Sound familiar?

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How to set KPIs for your business

Setting KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, is an important part of planning for any business - large or small. If done cleverly, KPIs give insight into the performance and general health of a business without having to dig through pages of reports to get the answers you're after.

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What is a virtual CFO?

What is a 'virtual CFO'? Also referred to as an 'outsourced CFO' this is a service designed to bridge the skills gap present in an organisation that needs high-level financial advice, but doesn't yet require a full-time employee in the role.

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