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What's in it for me? Budget 2018

Considering you're all no doubt nursing  budget night hangovers, I thought it might be useful to provide you with a quick summary of the major announcements made during the 2018 budget that might affect you, our readers, just in case you've forgotten what happened last night.

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What is a lifestyle business?

You may have heard the term 'lifestyle business' being bandied about and you've nodded sagely without really knowing what it means, but with knowing that you didn't want to ask and sound foolish. If that sounds familiar, then this post is for you. We're going to take a look at what exactly is meant by 'lifestyle business' and why it's such a desirable thing.

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What are the risks with becoming a company director?

If you're anything like the general population you sign the documents required to start your company without much thought as to what you're actually signing. Directors of small and medium-sized companies tend to underappreciate the responsibilities that come with being a company director, much more so than directors of larger companies.

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How do you start and setup your own business?

Starting your own business - sounds so romantic, doesn't it? Well it is and it isn't. In this article we'll take a look at the steps you need to take when starting and setting up your own business.

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How do I choose an accounting and invoicing system for my business?

Not many people start a business because they are excited at the prospect of doing their own accounting and invoicing. In fact, I dare say that has never happened! Regardless of the reasons why you may or may not start your new business you will need to deal with your accounting and invoicing in a timely and complete way if you want your business to succeed. Even if you plan on outsourcing this work you'll still need some familiarity with it so you can access the system to look things up, so it pays to take an interest in what platform you end up on.

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Budget 2017

Last night was budget night which, admist all of the excitement, has left many commentators a little confused about which party actually wrote the policies. Politicking aside, we've put together some of the key items that we felt would be of interest to our readers.

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Should you really start a small business?

Perhaps it's the company I keep, but it feels like every day I'm hearing about someone starting a new business. Often this is someone who has never been in business before, but they feel they are great at what they do and feel they'd be equally as great at running a business selling what they do. The other side of this hope-laden coin is that we're often called in to help businesses that are struggling because the owner is, to put it plainly, not suited to the task of running a business.

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Our small business wishlist for the 2017 budget

It's budget time just around the corner and with only 10 days to go we thought we'd arm our politicians with a wishlist of requests for small-medium business owners. Shouldn't be a problem for them as SME's are the engine room of our economy, don't you know? (or was that last year ...)

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Top 3 myths about running a small business busted

After running our business for a few years, myself and my business partner started to look around for help to grow our business. Sadly, there’s no shortage of people telling you how you could be living a life of luxury if you just sign up to their life changing program. How they will make you rich and you can have the life you deserve.

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Best Practice, Schmactice: What creative business owners can do when the text book fails

Plenty of people will give you advice on how to run a business. There’s no shortage of them. Even in the field I specialise in, creative and innovative companies, there are coaches, mentors and strategists galore. There’s all sorts of people willing to offer you the one true way to business success.

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