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Insider tips on what it takes for your tech startup to succeed

Let’s say you’ve got a great idea for a business. Or an app. Or software startup. You’re confident that it will be a success. You’re confident in your own abilities. You’re ready to make the leap.

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A small announcement from the management team

I have been working closely with Ben now for over 8 years and have had the pleasure of watching him grow from cocky young lad to a man highly regarded for his professional talent and strategic outlook.

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The Business of Music

I’m delighted to be talking at APRA AMCOS this week along with Hugh Sanson, one of our senior accountants here at Generate. We’ll be tackling the 20 most common business questions faced by musicians. It’s a topic close to our hearts, because our company has a long and happy history of working with some of the music industry’s brightest and best.

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When agencies lack proper business processes

It's no surprise that an agency might look for a new accountant and advisor during turbulent times and, whilst it's unlikely the previous accountant is to blame for the problems, a fresh start with a new advisor could be just what you need. What does surprise me when I look over these agencies is that they weren't always in dire straits, in fact, many of them were coming off the back of bumper years where cash and champagne did rain.

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Two crucial things sustainable screen businesses do

Long ago, in another life, I worked on film and TV productions as a location scout and liaison. It was here that I first met and worked with film producers and got to see a little of the long and arduous process of making films.

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What value can an accountant add?

Defining and delivering value to business clients is of crucial importance for accountants and business advisors alike, however it is something many struggle to do. With that in mind, what value can a good advisor add to your business? In reality, the answer will be different for everyone as you, the business owner, each have unique needs, however the bottom line is your advisor should support you when you need it and help you maximise the returns you get from your business endeavours.

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A Christmas Shout Out

It’s so close to Christmas, we can almost taste the turkey. And the ham. And the mince pies. And all the rest of the festive malarkey.

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What is your business model?

If there’s an overused term in business management, it’s probably ‘business model’.

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Put your work flow system to work

In his last post, Ben advocated the use of job management systems for service based companies. It's good advice; there are plenty of low cost, cloud based systems which can tackle this and take the pain out of timesheeting.

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Launching Generate: New focus, same great advice

Hi there,

We're writing to share with you some very exciting news. We've changed. We've evolved. We've created a new brand for our services that we feel better reflects our new focus and direction.

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