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Why your SME client won't say yes to a retainer agreement

You don't have to look far, or think very hard, to see why a retainer arrangement could be great for an agency. It offers steady and predictable income (for a creative business - who'd have thought it?!) and allows you to build a deeper relationship with your client as you're guaranteed to be working with them for the duration of the retainer period. If it's so great, why are your clients, especially the SME ones, not signing on the dotted line?

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What are buyers of creative agencies looking for?

If there is one topic that sparks interest in owners of creative agencies it's how to get out of said agency. Some will want to talk about management buyouts because they have some gun managers with financial backing, but most of the time the exit plan revolves around finding a suitable buyer, getting cashed out and running for an island. Sounds great, right?

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Top 5 tips to get the right marketing agency for your business

Every time I speak to a potential client and ask when they want to get started, they say yesterday. And getting selected… sometimes it’s because we’re the only agency who returned their call quickly enough.

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How to manage projects in your PR agency

PR agencies will have a group of clients that they perform a range of tasks for and typically these tasks are referred to as jobs or projects and are considered discrete pieces of work that are scoped, delivered and invoiced for. As these jobs form the key way in which an agency earns money it's obvious that you're going to want to ensure that the process is well managed! We'll be taking a look here at what a job management system can offer a PR agency and how that can help with the overall performance of the agency.

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How to manage scope creep in your PR agency

If there's a common operational problem faced by the majority of professional services businesses, and this includes PR agencies, it's the difficulty of completing jobs within the quoted hours. If you look regularly at these sort of businesses, it comes up all the time.

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How to deal with staff turnover in a PR agency

A perennial headache for PR agency owners is high staff turnover. Whilst this is an issue for many businesses, it seems to affect the communications industry much more than other industries - in particular small-to-medium sized agencies. High staff turnover has a huge impact upon the bottom line of any agency, not to mention a huge impact on the sanity of the owner!

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Why your PR agency isn't as profitable as it should be

Running a successful PR agency can be quite the balancing act. You need to find and secure new business whilst managing the expectations and needs of your existing clients as well as manage your team. As if that wasn't enough you also need to spend sufficient time running the business itself to ensure it's profitable! With all of this going on it's often the last thing - spending time on your business - that falls by the road side.

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How many leads do I need to generate? Filling your sales funnel.

Looking to boost your sales efforts? It can pay to map out your sales process and estimate the amount of activity you need to generate you target sales. You can do this using a sales funnel.

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5 tips on selling from Indigenous artists

Over the last year, I had the pleasure of running a series of workshops around Regional NSW for Indigenous artists. It was a great opportunity to meet a range of very skilled artists and arts workers carving out their creative businesses.

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When agencies lack proper business processes

It's no surprise that an agency might look for a new accountant and advisor during turbulent times and, whilst it's unlikely the previous accountant is to blame for the problems, a fresh start with a new advisor could be just what you need. What does surprise me when I look over these agencies is that they weren't always in dire straits, in fact, many of them were coming off the back of bumper years where cash and champagne did rain.

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