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How to find the right talent for your startup

Finding staff for a startup can be tricky especially for those used to hiring for established and more traditional businesses. This is especially true in the early days. In this article we'll take a look at why that is and some tactics you can use to find the right people for your team.

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Why your staff keep walking out on you

Managers and business owners with high staff turnover are quick to blame a bunch of things - the economy, millennials, the industry, the youth of today, social media, the weather - all before taking stock and realising that the blame may actually lay with them. It's an uncomfortable truth we're all likely to need facing at some stage in our business life and it's best tackled head on rather than living in denial.

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How to give a staff member equity in your business

Do you have a key member of staff that you'd like to bring 'to the table' by sharing some equity with them? If so, read on as we'll be discussing (almost!) everything you need to know when it comes to inviting staff to become shareholders in your business.

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What is the best way to let an employee go?

Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. For lots of reasons. For reasons no one could have predicted. Sometimes, you have to let someone go.

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What do I do when a key staff member resigns?

The meeting

There comes a time when you get asked for a meeting. That meeting. The one when they resign. And not just anyone. Your hero staff member. Your main man or woman and if the person we’re talking about is a key part of your team, initially it will feel like your world is crumbling around you. Rest assured you will get through this and move on. Try to remember that it’s not personal, it’s just time for them to try something new or different.

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How to deal with staff turnover in a PR agency

A perennial headache for PR agency owners is high staff turnover. Whilst this is an issue for many businesses, it seems to affect the communications industry much more than other industries - in particular small-to-medium sized agencies. High staff turnover has a huge impact upon the bottom line of any agency, not to mention a huge impact on the sanity of the owner!

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How to manage a team

In my last two blog posts, I talked about how to find and then retain staff in the critical first few months. In this post I want to explore the ways in which to manage staff on an ongoing day to day basis. While some of this should really happen as part of the induction process, it’s worth a review at any point of time.

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How to make a job offer and keep your new hire onboard

In my last post, I talked about how you go about finding the right person for a job in your awesome business. But that's only half the job done. In this post, I want to share some ideas on ensuring you secure the best person for the role and managing their first few crucial months.

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How to find and recruit great staff

Staff. They are one of the most common topics which arises when we’re talking with our clients. Whether it’s how to hold onto them, find them or motivate them, staff issues seem to occupy rather a lot of brain space when you’re running a business. In this post, we’ll look at how to find brilliant people and how to hang onto them.

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Give your business a health check

We're used to the idea of having our physical health checked out regularly. Doing so helps track and improve ongoing niggles, helps prevent new ailments emerging and helps us change our habits and activities as we develop and our circumstances change.
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