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Why organisational culture is about more than just everyone getting on

Having looked in detail at scores of businesses in recent years, I remain convinced of the benefits of a healthy organisational culture. It's something we test for in our business health check because companies which have it tend to be stable and pleasant workplaces. That helps staff retention and, in the long run, profitability. 

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Ethical leadership for creative businesses

Recently, I came across this article about ethical leadership. It's called 'five traits of an ethical leader' although in fact it talks about six.

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Seven ways to give positive feedback that cuts through

It seems it’s human nature to hear criticism far more loudly than praise – and for that criticism to linger in the memory much longer than a compliment on a job well done.

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How much revenue should your team be generating?

Here are some questions that most business owners face on a regular basis:

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A practical guide to practicality

I was flattered recently when a client described my advice as 'practical'. He said he's been wary of engaging with consultants, as on previous interactions with them, he'd had useful conversations, but been left with no clear way forward.

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A small announcement from the management team

I have been working closely with Ben now for over 8 years and have had the pleasure of watching him grow from cocky young lad to a man highly regarded for his professional talent and strategic outlook.

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Management for creatives who are managing creatives

Getting the best out of creative staff is a live topic for management writers and thinkers. Google about for a bit, and you’ll find plenty of people offering advice on how to get the most out of those brilliant but pesky creative staff.

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When your work culture turns toxic and what to do about it.

The benefits of having a healthy organisational culture are well known. It helps productivity, staff retention and generally just makes life more pleasant. But I’ve seen many creative companies suffering through times when life in the office seems rife with conflict and discord.

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What is a high performance culture?

Many creative businesses, much like any professional service business, deliver results for their clients based on the hard work of their team. We don’t produce widgets that require manufacturing, or waffles that require waffling, we deliver results based on head hours worked by our brilliant team members.

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Neglecting creativity makes no business sense

What led you to your creative business career? I've spent years working with people who run creative businesses and the answer is usually, 'I wanted to become a designer/producer/architect/insert glamourous creative occupation here',

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